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Watch tonight before hand, Hangzhou Harmony acquire, own their home does not sell Rolex, the watch is that they transfer goods over the shop in another table was nice, but I still feel too much fine-tuning in the end, do not know what can be done, would be considered in Glashütte gold 90 and only 2 election, but vanity, one Rolex visibility good point, and the second sense only as high point

The only principle: Swiss-made watches to the Swiss watch. Logo is on the watch: Swiss made.The most confusing is that there is only one word "Swiss", meaning the majority of this watch brand is registered in Switzerland, indicating that the brand is Swiss, Swiss-made watches may not be!

"Table class 'Swiss' recognized standard-use regulations" (Ordonnance réglant l'utilisation du nom & laquo; Suisse & raquo; pour les montres or Swiss Ordinance on Use of the Identification Character Swiss in Watches) in 1971 published and strengthen the implementation in 1992 after the date, but the Swiss Watch industry Federation (Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry) in June 2007 to further strict "Swiss made" a new program using a standard vote.

The program mainly involves Swiss replica watches and movements: watches, the mechanical replica watches uk at least 80% of manufacturing value should be completed in Switzerland, electronic watches at least 60%. In addition, construction and prototype (construction and prototype) should be carried out in Switzerland. Movement, the value of at least 80% of the components to be completed in Switzerland, the electron movement of the ratio of 60%. Examples regulations in detail as follows:

Swiss movement sign:

According to "table class 'Swiss' recognized standard use regulations," the first two terms, the definition of Swiss movement are: the movement assembled in Switzerland; the completion of the final inspection of the movement in Switzerland; in addition to the cost of the assembly, movement of Swiss original price of the at least 50% of the original price. If the movement is Swiss, and the entire table is not assembled in Switzerland, the "Swiss" logo can appear on a non-exposed movement. The appearance of the table only allows the use of "Swiss Movement" ("Mouvement Suisse" or "Swiss Movement") words. The first three terms of the "table class 'Swiss' recognized standard use Regulations", "movement" must be "complete spell" can not be used for short, and must be in front of the "Swiss" to use the same font, size and color.

Swiss Replica Watches Quartz sign:

Only Swiss origin table in order to use this flag, the other using a non-Swiss replica watches Swiss quartz movement not authorized to use.

My Rolex Replica Watches:

My Rolex replica watches watches been almost a year, has been wearing to take care of. The first time he fell from a meter place on the floor, I thought finished, the result is a strong case to be knock the little green flat, really good quality rolex watches. Then recently, suddenly found a black mark on the little dots on the ceramic ring on the watch, not sure what the reason is, how to get, nor is split, at first very tangled, but later not so concerned about the Rolex replica. A few days ago to see the imitation brand watches, ceramic rings Friends say the sun will appear in colorful light, traffic lights bored today try to think of it, the result really.