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When the original use of the watch movement is made in Switzerland and assembled in foreign countries can use this logo. But it can only appear in the movement, in any case can not be used outside of the table.

Conditions for "Swiss watch box" (Swiss Case) logo table on the box are: the main process is completed in Switzerland; assembling and testing done in Switzerland; at least 50% of the production process is completed in Switzerland. As labeled "Swiss watch box" on the box, and built-in non-Swiss watch, you must watch movement or a whole table of Origin sign posted on the housing list.

Only under conditions of the watch and bracelet are made ​​in Switzerland, in order to bring in the table show "Swiss Made." Only the major step is completed more than 50 percent of the strap in Switzerland Swiss release may be considered. As Swiss watch band is used for non-Swiss watch, only to bring in a table clearly marked strap is made in Switzerland, for example, "the Swiss strap."