IWC Replica

The founder of IWC Schaffhausen is a wealthy American pioneering spirit. Since 1868, this Swiss watchmaker has been leading the development of watchmaking, continue to extremely sophisticated watchmaking creation of new standards. IWC replica is known as "high-end watches engineers," said, specializes in manufacturing men's watch. Classic style with clever design, elegant and refined, extremely easy to operate - this is the famous IWC.

Jones, founder of the pioneering spirit, passion, ambition, laid the IWC factory cultural roots. IWC engineers, the watch itself is more fascinating than the exact time, they like bold and innovative ideas, efforts to study the accuracy and innovative design, therefore, 140 years, IWC for the development of the watch industry has made tremendous contributions . Professional watchmaking technology, innovative technology Schaffhausen, so watch enthusiasts praise. IWC replica watches include original Grande Complication watch series, Da Vinci watch series, and the Portuguese watch series. Pilot watch series, watch series and marine engineers Chronograph series, it is a traditional type of watch. The series watch with sporty / practical design, coupled with stainless steel or titanium case, those most suitable for sporty everyday wear.

IWC watch engineer for a major development innovations, technological innovation and the watch industry with great enthusiasm, become the driving force IWC forward. In 1885, this unique Swiss watch factory in eastern developed the first pocket watch with a digital display in the world, caused a sensation. In 1889, around the watchmaker fierce competition, and strive to create the first only watch worn on the hand, in the meantime, IWC emerged as the global leader in the manufacture of watches series. "Based Schaffhausen, think globally" is the IWC abide by the credo, IWC Although located far from the watchmaking center of the town, still firmly occupy the leading position. To meet the special needs and specializes in the manufacture of special watches, has been a challenge Schaffhausen team most willing to accept, such as the manufacture of magnetically shielded for the Royal Air Force pilot watch Mark XI, become a legend of the industry, and for the Navy, the railway companies and special diver timepieces developed, for the IWC to win the "inventor of innovative thinking" in the world.