Panerai Replica

Panerai (Panerai) was founded in 1860, using precision machinery and excellent quality is known, was first produced for the Italian Royal Navy precision instruments and Panerai replica watches, Panerai has now become a world-renowned advanced sports watch brand. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai brand for sports, leisure areas of high-grade watches. Italian design and Swiss expertise makes Panerai watch each one has a distinctive brand of style and excellent quality.

1860: Panerai Workshop was founded. Giovanni Panerai (Giovanni Panerai) was founded watch shop in Florence: This Panerai replicawatch shop who is also the shops and factories, is also the city's first watchmaking school. Panerai's history began. This watch shop in the early twentieth century was renamed "Orologeria Svizzera" (Swiss watch shop), then moved to San Giovanni Square (Piazza San Giovanni) of San Giovanni Square Austrian Chi (Palazzo Arcivescovile) inside, is still Panerai Florence headquarters.1890/1900 year: brand founder's grandson Guido Panerai expand the family business, and give new impetus, into highly sophisticated areas of mechanical engineering, and the Italian Royal Navy official supplier.

1915-1918 years: the Italian Royal Navy during World War I, replica Panerai watches produced using precision instruments, including a night raid gun sight luminous device, timing device, depth gauge, and to help high-speed torpedo boats (MAS) torpedo mechanical calculator.1916: Panerai for RADIOMIR registered patents. At that time the Italian Royal Navy, Panerai has become a supplier for many years, providing high-precision timing tool. According to the military's request, created out of Panerai Radiomir, a kind of laser-based light-emitting materials, and as an instrument dial luminous lotion purposes. About the "Radiomir" the name of literature found in the appendix to fill in the French patent document March 23, 1916 in. Its high visibility and paint adhesion in excellent water immediately let that radium-based varnish to become an integral part of the production process Panerai one material. Radiomir patent became the first patented technology developed by Panerai, which launched a long-standing history of innovation Panerai.