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Rolex introduced the Greenwich type is designed for international routes developed by pilots watch in 1955. Since 2005, Greenwich type II with 24-hour rotating bezel, you can read the time in three time zones, in which the time between two time zones can read more synchronized, this feature is of great practical value.

Although Greenwich type watch specially designed for professional use, but with unmatched functionality and design, while it is widely embraced by fans of Rolex watches. In 2013 Basel Watch Fair, the new Type II Rolex GMT-color ceramic ring watch can attract the attention of fans around the world table, table fans are called "Pepsi circle." Has become a sought-after watches. Watch House today for everyone to bring this type II of Greenwich color ceramic ring watch, watch the official model: 116710BLNR-78200.

Design uses 40 mm diameter, 904L stainless steel. The biggest highlight is its unique color CERACHROM word ceramic ring, and the new word CERACHROM ceramic ring Rolex a major achievement in the technology and aesthetics, using patented technology developed by Rolex, the two different colors of ceramic materials do word into a whole circle.

Screw-in TRIPLOCK winding crown, TRIPLOCK winding crown is triple waterproofing system is designed for diving watch design. Developed by Rolex for Submariner and other professional watch models TRIPLOCK winding crown to water depth of 300 meters. Greenwich type given by the official watch waterproof to 100 meters, but in fact, up to 300 meters.

Strap for Oyster bracelet, Rolex GMT bracelet introduced in the late 1930s, by three rows of large, flat chain link composed of extremely rugged, Oyster has been the most widely used family of a strap. This watch also for the 904L stainless steel bracelet to create dense, 904L stainless steel with high corrosion resistance is widely used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries.

No crown can be well seen in the side of the side of smooth curves, very beautiful, polished side of the case emitted bright light.

I must mention that Rolex is still very great importance of ergonomics, lugs and Oyster bracelet with, lugs substantially flush on the first section of Oyster bracelet, a perfect fusion of the two together, wearing them is comfortable. Clasp using Oyster insurance discounts with 5 mm easy to tune links stretching system easy to tune the system just simple links stretch folding strap can be extended 5 mm, so that the wearer more comfortable. And after thousands of opening Rolex fit testing, is absolutely safe and reliable. Anti-scratch sapphire crystal, 3 o'clock position of the anti-reflective convex perspective 2.5x zoom instantaneous jump calendar window. This watch's hands and hour markers are 18k white gold, was undoubtedly the most attractive pointer a second time zone indicator is used in the design of blue, triangular arrow luminous instructions, and the outer 24-hour display of blue pottery word circle very match.

Dense bottom end of the design, developed by Rolex movement with automatic winding 3186 movement. In addition to traditional hours, minutes, seconds outside, and with 24 hours pointer to show the second urban area. Parachrom gossamer equipped to effectively prevent the impact or influence of the Rolex GMT watch to temperature changes. It's constructed with all Oyster same movement, with unparalleled reliability.

Summary: To say that labor Doses Greenwich type II series, functional and practical, one of the most fundamental role is to watch at the time, but this feature Rolex has done the ultimate. This watch is suitable shape at various occasions, with dress more solemn. Blue and black ceramic bezel and blue pointer a second time zone also adds some freshness, no wonder fans from listing on the table become eager to buy a popular watch.