Rolex Syloxi gossamer patented innovations

Excellent performance from patented innovations Syloxi gossamer Rolex. First, the production of materials - silicon, silicon oxide and composite materials, the thermal compensation and non-magnetic qualities make Syloxi gossamer able to withstand temperature variations and magnetic interference, ensuring high precision performance.

Second, the Rolex patented geometry specially developed to optimize the gossamer isochronous and timing regularity. The thickness of the coil is increased, while the use of a variable pitch type (gradually increasing from the center axis periphery) geometric design, which makes different directions and locations are coordinated when the gossamer operate effectively compensate for the effects of gravity.

Third, Rolex also optimized fixation gossamer terminal and swing axle and balance between the jaws. The central part of gossamer excellent flexibility, without glue to the pendulum shaft is fixed, then springs can remain completely vertical, smooth and self-centering. Meanwhile, the other terminal of stiffer springs, and the use of crescent-shaped design. Balance cock with two fixed points separated the sides, and on the pendulum axis of symmetry, the symmetry center is able gossamer, flat area is not complete and ensure an effective presence of residual stresses.

In the new movement with Syloxi gossamer Rolex also loaded Paraflex shock absorbers, applying the fixed program can effectively optimize the shock absorbers beat adjustment, for shock absorbers with a particular groove design.

Syloxi gossamer production of production

Syloxi gossamer produced entirely by Rolex independent production at the factory, its production process is well known "deep reactive ion etching" (DRIE), commonly used in silicon micromachining materials, high precision.

Its first movement with gossamer Syloxi 2236

As previously mentioned, Rolex introduced in the 2014 Basel Watch Fair Datejust Pearlmaster ladies watch, but it is an important part of gossamer Syloxi its on-board generation of Caliber 2236 movement.